International Workshops: Guinea

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Famoudou Konate, Fanta Kaba and Rainer Dörrer
(Drumming, Dance)

Conakry  (Capital)15.12. 2001 - 6.1.2002


Rainer Dörrer
70736 Fellbach
Tel./Fax: (+49) 711 - 584 118

R. Dörrer also leads workshops in Europe

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Drumming and Dance at the waterfall with Fanta Kaba, Marie Bangoura and Fode Konate
(Drumming, Dance)

Waterfall at Kindia23.3. bis 14.4.2013

Fanta Kaba

Ellen Schulte
D-12103 Berlin
Tel./Fax: (+49) 30 - 755 82 26

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Workshop with artists of "Percussion de Guinée" and "Ballets Africaine"
(Drumming, Dance)

Conakry  (Capital)19.1.2002-9.2.2002

Koumgbanan Condé

Ralph Dominick
10559 Berlin
Tel.: (+49) 30 - 612 74 33

Tel.: 0(+49) 30 - 695 06 316
Fax: 0(+49) 30 - 695 06 318

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Musical and cultural journey to Baro
(Drumming, Dance, Singing, traditional life in the village)

Baro  (larger village 700 km in the coutyside)May 2002

Mansa Camio / Fête de la mare in Baro

Translated from the information of the organizer:

"In this journey we will experience a culture which is very different to ours. It is also threatened. "Modern life" has other values, follows different rules and shows itself in a city like the capital Conakry. The music in Conakry is faster, more commercial and taken from its original background - but more varies.

In the village the music is slower, more community oriented and the drums - speak. In the Malinke language they say: "Speak the Djembe", not "Play the Djembe".

The "fête de la mare" is a special celebration where you can experience al lot of the traditional culture. Cause for it is that they all fish at that beginning of the rainy season in the local lake.

Very special is that Baro has two places of Power: on is a holy forest (fôret sacré) and the lake itself (bolé). The spirit of those places fulfills wishes and so thousands of people come each year to ask for help or to thank for the fulfillment of a wish. The spirit of Baro is very respected."

Fränki B. Frank
Solmsstr. 5
D-10961 Berlin
tel: 030 695 06 316
fax: 030 695 06 318

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Mansa Camio
(Drumming, traditional life in the village)

Baro  (larger village 700 km in the coutyside)3.12.02- 3.1.03

Camio (left) Mask dancer Camio (Center) with drummers in Baro


Ullie Sterr
Tel.: (+49) 941 - 870 35 50


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Mansa Camio
(Drumming, Dance)

Mansa Camio


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Mamady Keita

leads regulary Workshops in Konakry, Info:

Tam Tam Mandingue Network - The Djembe School of Mamady Keita