International Workshops

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Apart from organized workshops it is of course possible to get drum or dance lessons. You may need some time to find a approbate teacher and also - if your teacher has no experience with white students - some patience until a practicable way of teaching is established. You should be able to speak the official language of the country.
It is important to take care of some health issues. For some countries certain vaccinations are obligatory. Malaria prophylaxis is recommended. Ask a specialist for tropical diseases.
It is also useful to get informed about the political situation of the country you want to visit. Some countries are unstable, the behavior of the authorities may appear unusual. Get your visa early.
During the rainy season traveling and recreational benefit is reduced.


In predominant islamic countries you my experience some difficulties during the Ramadan month. As local people fast during the daytime you may get fresh bread only in the evening. There is little cultural life, no celebrations. Avoid this time if possible. Drumming lessons can mostly happen as they are seen as work.