Books and Media



Blanc, Serge: African Percussion

Self published, Paris 1997, French or English, witht CD, not for beginnerrs, contains rhythm collection, recommended


Conga Players Cookbook:

Th.Züllich Percussion Books, Koblenz, 1992,
Pattern collection inspired by Workshops with Martin Verdonk,
Notation conventional and a bit confusing, mostly no explannations, not for beginners


Flatischler, Reinhard: Der Weg zum Rhythmus

Synthesis, Essen, 1990, ISBN 3-922026-48-6
In German (only?) Very good.


Famoudou Konate, Thomas Ott: Rhythmen und Lieder aus Guinea

Institut für Didaktik populärer Musik, Oldershausen 1997,ISBN 3-930915-67-7 dazu CD: ISBN 3-930915-68-5
In German. Specially useful for music teachers having a project.


Giger, Peter: Die Kunst des Rhythmus

Schott, Mainz, 1993, ISBN 3-7957-1862-7
In German (only?). Expansive, very theoretical, many interesting ideas, Rhythm examples from all over the world, good for pros and teachers.


Glücklich, Yogas: Das Trommelbuch

Verlag Stefan Glücklich, Berlin 1996, ISBN 3-9805451-0-5
Begleitcassette: ISBN 3-9805451-1-3
Begleit-CD: ISBN 3-9805451-2-1

In German. Absolute beginners to advanced, no knolledge of notation system required, good for learning by yourself.

Editors site


Hart, Mickey: Die magische Trommel

Goldmann, München 1990, ISBN 3-442-30564-0
Drum stories by the Greateful Dead drummer, recommended

Hull, Arthur: Drum Circle Spirit

White Cliffs Media, Tempe (Arizona) 1998,
ISBN 0-941677-84-2, englisch, mit CD
Arthur Hull was friend and student of Babatunde Olantunji.
Leader (or better faciliator) of Drum Circles in the US.


 Keïta, Mamady und Billmeier, Uschi

Arun-Verlag, Engerda, 1999, ISBN 3-927940-61-5
Engkish, German, French with CD, Rhythms and Culture of the Malinke tribe based on interviews and lessons with Mamady.
But: Echauffements (traditional hot parts of the rhythms) not included in notation.
Not for beginners.


Kohlmann, Andreas: Percussion - Africa, Brazil, Cuba

Voggenreiter, Bonn-Bad Godesberg, ISBN 3-8024-0190-5
In German


Laye, Camara: Einer aus Kouroussa

Speer Verlag, Zürich
In German. Autobiography. About life in Africa some decades ago.


Mauleón, Rebeca: Salsa Guidebook for Piano and Ensemble

Sher Music, Petaluma,USA, 1993
Englisch, a must for the Salsa interested. Arrangements for all instruments in conventional notation. Very recommended.


Reed, Ted: Syncopation

Clearwater, Florida, USA
Exercises for the advanced.


Stone, George Lawrence: Stick Control

Stone & Son, Randolph, MA, USA
Exercises for the advanced.




Aja Addy, various

Aja is aster drummer and Tigari priest in Ghana


Mustapha Tettey Addy, various

Musthapha is master drummer from Ghana


Afrika Djolé

Phantastic Live recording in Berlin, one of the first African percussion records, a classic.


Famoudou Konate mit Ensemble, Rhythmen der Malinke

Museum Collection Berlin, CD 18, Musikethnologische Abteilung des Museum für Völkerkunde Berlin,
Recording of Malinke-Rhyths from Guinea, very good textbook.


Mamady Keïta, various

Mamady is a master of the Djembé drum.


Babatunde Olatunji, various

From Nigeria, was a teacher of many famous musicians in the US, his "Drums of Passion" is probably one of the the worlds first percussion records.


Mickey Hart, Planet Drum

Modern inspiring